Advance Retreat #1

February 11-12

Let's answer an important question together at the very first Advance Retreat

How can we foster an effective, open, enduring culture of design in our organizations?

Increasingly, companies understand that design is essential to their future. And they understand that is not only a matter of capability, but a matter of culture. Fostering such a culture, especially in a large organization, is terrifically difficult long-term work. This question sits at the edge of our expertise as designers and managers. The aim of Advance Retreat #1 is to help us all move our practice forward by learning from one another, and perhaps inventing something new together.

How we will explore the question

The Advance Retreat is a “studio retreat,” designed to be an experience
in co-learning and co-creation.

The recipe:

  • Gather great people who have the experience and attitude to contribute to and benefit from a hands-on experience
  • Provide space, resources and light facilitation so we can learn from each other, and share what we’ve learned

Download this PDF brochure for the specifics of how the Retreat will work.

If you're excited to be there, we're excited to have you. Tell us a little about yourself, answer our two questions, and we'll get back to you within three business days. Please note that participating in the Advance Retreat costs US$3,400, which includes all meals and two nights of hotel (February 10-11).


Your hosts

This event combines two leading firms

Content facilitation by Fit Associates, designers, educators, facilitators and system sherpas Marc Rettig and Hannah du Plessis.

Production and hosting by Rosenfeld Media, publishers, producers, conveners and catalysts for skilled practitioners and organizational excellence in user experience.

The people

Attendance is limited to 50 seasoned people.

The Advance Retreat is for people who are curious, creative, and responsible for creating cultures of design. Please join us!

Advance Retreat • February 11-12, 2016
Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

The setting

Do some thinking in a place as expansive as your mind. 

The desert has a way of making big challenges smaller. The beautiful Ace Hotel in Palm Springs will serve as venue. 

The Ace Hotel

701 E. Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92264


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