We trick the airlines to get you cheaper last minute fares with NO connections or layovers!

n this new search engine. It is already built. It finds the best connecting flight available using your point of origin and the place you want to land. For example, if you want to fly from NYC to CHICAGO, or search engine finds every flight in the country that goes from NYC to X that CONNECTS though Chicago. When you book the connecting flight instead of the direct flight, you save 50% on average and throw away the second ticket and hop off the plane. Only caveat is not being able to check a bag, that's IT. 

Tell us your info

Where are you now, where do you want to end up, when do you need to be there. 

We tell you your flight

WIthin 30m we will send you a few flight options that leave your city and connect in the city you want to end up in.

Gratuities accepted!

If we save you money, or a layover you can send us some money to keep the servers on. Otherwise, no big deal, have a great flight. 


True story. We just launched... 

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$ave Money!
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