What’s the secret to long-term weight loss?

It’s a behavioral approach. Not another diet, but the opposite of a diet.

Let’s get this straight right here. There’s no point looking for the next diet to solve all your problems. Another diet is NOT the answer.

You will see that instead of temporary starvation, which of course is only a short-term fix, a much more sustainable approach is to change your underlying habits.

When you change your underlying habits, you can naturally maintain your weight for the long-term.

Imagine being able to maintain your weight naturally without dieting. It’s completely possible if you change your habits.

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Dr. K, Medical Doctor, Weight Loss Expert and Best Selling Author

hat if there was a way to lose weight and keep it off without feeling hungry or depriving yourself?

If you’re a woman over 40 and completely fed up with your weight, you might be feeling lost about what to do next.

You may have struggled to lose weight on diets in the past, and wrongly concluded that it was never going to happen.

But I believe that it doesn’t matter whether you’re 41 or 68, whether you’ve just gained weight in the last few years or struggled with your weight all your life, you can completely turn things around.

“It doesn’t matter where you’ve been,
it only matters where you’re going”

I believe that transformation is within your reach, but it requires a completely different approach.


Before we go on, I should introduce myself. I’m Dr. Khandee Ahnaimugan (but you can call me Dr. K). I’m a medically-qualified weight loss doctor.

Slim and Healthy without Dieting

I have a clinic in Harley Street, London, England, where I focus exclusively on helping women over 40 lose weight without 


I am the author of the bestselling book “Slim and Healthy without Dieting”.

I also write about weight loss for the British edition of the Huffington Post.



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