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We help you retain the useful information acquired through reading with convenient tools for book group facilitators and team leads.

Maximize your team's professional development time. 

BookBrainer is a reading companion for business teams reading professional development books that holds readers accountable and helps them retain information.

Engage readers with quiz questions on their phones.

Pre-written quizzes are ready to deploy to your team. This process is automated, but our quizzes and customer service are not.

We're big readers, each book is read by a real human.

Subscriptions to the service include researched and proven quiz questions ready to be delivered. Professionally created discussion guides along with tailored results from your team's quizzes are also included in your subscription.

Choose a title from our extensive library. Or, if you can't find what your team needs, make a suggestion to our on-staff bilbiophiles and we'll read the book and write a quiz posthaste.

"I am constantly looking for ways to improve my team and we read a lot of great books. An easy way to quiz them and help them retain the information gives us a return on our investment."

Mark E. Wight
President and Founder of Idaho Estate Planning



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