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Improve your specialized vocabulary and conversational skills, while chatting with native speakers who share your interests.

Register and list your hobbies and passions, your profession, your favorite books and any other topics you would like to chat about, and we will match you with native speakers with similar interests or a specialty skill that you can benefit from.

It's only English and Spanish conversations for now but there will be more coming.

Chat about your favorite topics

Learn for Free!

Talk to another student who is learning your language and exchange your thoughts and ideas on a common knowledge or an interest.

You can help each other for free.

Free is good, right?



Choose the best role for you

Become a student!

Learn from native speakers who share your interests.

Avoid those typical awkward and basic ''get to know each other'' chats and start improving your conversational skills from the start by talking about things that matter to both you and your conversation partner.

Become a tutor!

Talk about what you know and love and make some money. Any native speaker can tutor their own language and make money by doing so. Neither teaching experience or a foreign language ability is essential - just your passion or specialty and a desire to help.

... Or do them all!

Take your language to the next level


There are other language platforms where you can study grammar, learn in a group and have a one on one conversation with a native speaker. But if you are an intermediate or advanced student, you maybe past that basic stuff and those routine conversation starters. You want more. You want to learn how to talk about the things you love, things that interest you and those topics that stir the heart.

Further your career

Are you an entrepreneur? Imagine having the ability to practice your pitch in a new language with native speaking experts in your field. Are you a lawyer? Now you can learn legal vocabulary in Spanish to allow you to better assist your clients from Spain and Latin America.


Immersion, not submersion!

It doesn't matter how specific are the topics you need to learn or the interests you have, from gardening to aeronautics, and from biochemistry to music production, we will find someone to chat with you in the language you choose, correct your mistakes and help you learn the specialized vocabulary and jargon you cannot find in books.


Register now and participate in our launch!

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