Little Ben

Connecting Parliament with public opinion

MPs have never been so connected.

Parliament in your Pocket

Little Ben is a mobile application designed to keep both MPs and the everyday man informed as to the bills going through Parliament.

Users are able to vote within the app on particular bills and show their MP their preferences, whilst MPs can use this feedback in deciding which way to vote.

A great function is the ability to hear in realtime when a division bell rings for a bill you're interested in, acting as the starting gun for MPs the 8 minute sprint to get to Parliament in time to vote!

Follow Parliament's Division Bell in realtime
The official division bell rings each time MPs are about to vote in Parliament - get notified in realtime when it rings!

Track how much your MP listens to you
Take a look at the history of how your MP has voted in comparison with how you wanted them to. Are you being listened to?

Influence Bills of Interest
You can share your votes and comments with your MP who uses Little Ben too!


The Buzz About Our App

"Best in Show"
Little Ben won the "Best in Show" award as voted by Parliamentary Jury members and Rewired State officials. More here

"Love Little Ben"
Lord Knight of Weymouth, Shadow Defra Minister in the Lords, @jimpknight


"Really Impressive"
The Little Ben phone app is really impressive. I'd buy it. #RSParly

Sharon O'dea,

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About Us

Little Ben was created as part of the Rewired State Hack day for the United Kingdom Government's Parliament.

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Get in touch with us via twitter if you have any issues with our app.

Twitter: @VeryLittleBen

Odera Ume-Ezeoke Founder

Marvin Barretto Co-founder

Rob Young Co-founder

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