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No More Hopelessness.  
No More Napping Disasters. 
We will help you improve your baby's naps. 

This Super Sleep Session Will Teach You...

• You  will learn different napping methods, so you can choose the one that fits your baby best. 
• You will feel more confident in your ability to troubleshoot sleeping changes.
• You will grasp how to help your baby take longer naps, instead of short catnaps. 
• You will master new soothing skills to calm fussiness faster.  

• You will determine how to help your baby get better rest, even if he's too young for formal coaching.  

How Can a Super Sleep Session Help You? 

• Are you frustrated with your baby's short naps?
• Are you concerned your baby isn't getting enough daytime sleep?
• Is your baby struggling with not being able to self-soothe?
• Are you wondering if you're doing the right things? 
Did you know that an overtired baby, who doesn't nap well during the day, can often wake up more at night?  Good naps are vital to a baby's health growth and development.  Our job is to show you how to get them.  

"Heather & Amy are my family's sleep angel sent from above.  If you and your family are debating whether or not to get sleep coaching help, DON'T HESITATE.  Your sleep will thank you!"

"Vivian goes down so amazingly easily just turn off the lights, turn on the sound machine, put her in her crib and walk out...she's asleep within minutes!!! Talking things through with Heather & Amy really encouraged me."

"This is the 3rd day in a row I've been able to sit down and drink my coffee during her nap.  We've gone grocery shopping and visited friends without worrying about screwing up her nap.  Heather & Amy gave us confidence that we weren't crazy about our expectations for our baby's sleep.  Highly recommended!"

Alicia Bowman
with daughter Vivian

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What Parents LIKE YOU Have to Say...

Amy Cruz
with son Carter

Natalie Thom
with daughter Clara

How a Napping Session works:

You fill out a short assessment, identifying your current napping struggle, and helping us get to know you and your baby better. 

We analyze that information, developing sleep recommendations for you to use to avoid disaster naps and drastically improve your baby's daytime sleep.  

Together, we hash things out for 60 minutes on the phone, discussing the tricks and techniques that would be a good fit for your parenting style and your baby's temperament. 

If you decide you need more help with implementing or tweaking the plan, you can roll your investment into the price of a full Super Sleeper Coaching Consultation, included with a 110% sleeping money-back guarantee.  

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"I don't know what to do about these naps!"

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