How does it work?

Track your location
As soon as you click I'm leaving!, Onmion starts tracking your location.
To stop tracking, just click I'm back!

You can share your personal Onmion-Follow-Link with others, like for example your girlfriend, so she can see where you are.

Onmion does NOT track your location when you didn't start it :)

Follow someone else's location

About Me

My name is Steff.

I'm a media informatics master student in Munich, mountainbiker, rock climber, hiker.

Feedback is highly appreciated:

Onmion is for all the people who leave the house alone and want somebody to know where they are.

With Onmion you still have a decent battery life.

With an Onmion-Follow-Link like the above you can watch someones' location as well as his past movements.

That's a great feature for mom's, who don't know all the singletrails and for room mates, who want to keep an eye on you, when you go out running late at night.

Onmion is for Hikers, Mountainbikers, Horse Riders, The Dog For A Walk Takers, Joggers, Girls, Boys...

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