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We start by connecting all of your data. We know it lives in a bunch of places - Open Dental, your financial software such as QuickBooks, manual spreadsheets and more. We connect your systems and automatically make a copy of the raw data each day - saving you countless hours of generating reports.

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The software then optimizes your data, catching all the information we know you'll need. This optimization is what quickly allows you to see a complete picture of your practice. In seconds, you can see your strengths, weaknesses and greatest opportunities for improvement.

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“I've never been a numbers guy, not because I'm not interested, but because the process of getting accurate data from the PMS and making it usable is laborious to say the least.
That's where dental intel comes in.  I have easy to read KPIs staring me and my team in the face every day at our morning huddle.  I can see where we are improving and where we're trending down instantly.  It allows my team and I to make changes today to positively effect the bottom line.”
- Dr. Doug Paulus – Massillon OH
"This service is exactly what I was looking for and wish I would have stumbled upon this earlier on in my career. Now that I've had access to my dashboard for the last couple of weeks, I can't imagine practicing without it.
I use to practice for one of the big corporations about 10 years ago before I went on my own.  I always marveled at all of the statistics they had access to.  These corporations are successful because they track every little metric and know where to improve. They see trends.  When I went on my own I always wished I had easy access to all of those metrics that the corporations had. As I got busier and busier I didn't have time to pull report after report and calculate everything.  Now I can see everything, metrics, trends, and OH on one screen.  
Rarely do I give raving reviews of products and services.  But this is a gem.”
- Dr. Richard Valbuena - Lawrence KS

Improve the team culture

Dental Intel gives you a clean, intelligent dashboard that makes life simpler and more profitable - You and your team can now see exactly where your practice and individual performance is in relationship to where it ought to be. Where performance is measured, performance improves and life becomes easy.

“This is the best Metrics tracking software out there, and they are constantly working to further improve it with help of real Dentists out here in the trenches, asking for and then delivering what info we need to succeed. Dentists HAVE to watch the numbers and trends to be optimal, and Dental Intel helps us do just that.”
- Dr. Hunter Smith - Jonesboro AR

Committed to your success

See something that you don’t understand – not a problem.  At the click of a button engage in an online chat session or phone call.  We have the best and brightest Number Geeks around, Seasoned Data Analysts with finance, accounting and MBA degrees that are ready to help you and your team with any questions you have or training you might need and all at no extra charge.  Our success is your success and we are committed to it.

“I’ve now worked with two data analyst Curtis and Eric over at Dental Intel.  These guys are available literally around the clock.  I had a question about my dashboard at 7am EST and got a reply from Curtis almost immediately (keep in mind it was 5am in UT where he is).
I can't imagine practicing without this tool.  With dental intel... No more excuses!”
- Dr. Christopher Vanderpool - Somerset MA
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