Limitlessly capture moments and turn them into video and VR stories

With just one click on mobile you can:

  • Instantly get the group photo and video from your friends and professionals, 
  • Tell your story with photos, videos, VR videos you didn’t take,
  • Create high-end horizontal video story (opposite of Instagram and Snapchat stories)
“We had used Pinticks with my friends in a concert. Few months later I watched the story. I felt the same feeling I had before.”



Step 1: At any  moment  tap save button on Pinticks App and let the app do the rest.

Step 2: Focus living your key moment. It's already captured. Search and select photos and videos.

Step 3: Repeat. Your video story is ready. Share it whenever you want. Your followers can't see it after 24 hours. You can keep it forever.

Instantly get the common photo and video taken by your friends and professionals.

No more disk space problem. Zero video editing effort.


Tell your story with photos, videos even VR videos you didn’t take. The only restriction is they must be related to your moment.

Effortlessly capture.

Capture with just one click even without any camera and internet connection.

Save unlimited memories.

“I love travelling. Instead of paying effort to capture my precious moments with a camera, I focused on living the moment. Pinticks helped me to save every important highlight of my travel."



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Your wireless push-button for your memories. Never miss any moment while enjoying them.

Save your moment with just one remote click. 

Let your mobile and camera stay in your pocket.

Now works with Pinticks App. 

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Pinticks uses your location only when you tap to save your moment.


We take care of your battery.

Exchange student at University of Amsterdam

International Student at San Francisco School Of Digital Filmmaking

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Our sources to capture your moment

Location and Place

Time Travel


Street View

People near you

GoPro or other wearables

Create high-end horizontal video story.

Better for keeping memories. Looks better at TV, video platforms, social media. You can create 4K quality video stories, Even if you don't have any 4K camera.
No more vertical video stories.



With expertise in video, mobile location and artificial intelligence. We are here to serve you the most advantageous memory saving and rich storytelling app without compromising your privacy.

We are the first search engine for your memories.

We just use your location and time data when you saved your memory. We bring you photos and videos related to your moment.

We are the first marketplace for your memories.

You can enrich your friends' stories by using your camera. Just make the captured video or photo available to them. You get notification when they use your art on their stories.

Create video stories worth to be kept and shared.

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