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Amaze and delight your child by making the Santa Clause or his Reindeer magically appear!

The Santa Clause Was Here app makes it easy to have photos of Santa Clause or his Reindeer right next to your Christmas tree or plate of cookies.

Watch your child's face light up when you show them that Santa Clause and his Reindeer Was Here!! It's quick and easy:

Step 1 - Take a photo or choose an existing photo of your Christmas tree, home, or Santa's plate of cookies 

Step 2 - Choose your favorite Santa Clause or Reindeer from our list 

Step 3 - Size, Rotate, Flip and change the opacity of the Santa in your photo

SAVE the new photo to your phone or SHARE it with family and friends via Facebook or Twitter by clicking the GREEN FINISHED button!

Explore all the fun possibilities: 
Show Santa's reindeer on your roof!  Show Santa Clause eating the cookies your children set out for him!

Make the magic of the Santa Clause come alive for your child - download Santa Clause Was Here now.

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Santa Clause Was Here
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